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The Hockey Arsenal

was created to supply hockey equipment for the experienced, recreational hockey player. We design, develop, and manufacture our own sticks to deliver high quality, sensible sticks, conveniently available through existing online marketplaces, at affordable prices. We understand the need to balance quality and performance with durability and cost.

The Hockey Arsenal sticks are expertly designed with more than 20 years of experience in the hockey stick industry, giving you a great looking, modern composite stick.  Our sticks are expertly manufactured by a factory with more than 15 years of experience manufacturing carbon fiber hockey sticks.  When you buy a stick from The Hockey Arsenal, you are getting a high-quality twig that is designed to help you perform your best.

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No matter where you play – a game of shinny on the local pond, a rec league game at 10pm, or a pick-up game at your neighborhood outdoor rink – it’s always a battle.  Be sure you are prepared.

Join The Hockey Arsenal today and grab one of our sticks for your next game.