The DeadliEr Sin



The Hockey Commandment: Thou shall make thy opponents Covet your will, your passion, and your wins.

You never miss a game. You never miss your turn to bring beer. You never miss a shift. And you never – OK, almost never – miss the perfect pass.  Your team NEEDS you to be there every week, right? Don’t let them down.

The Hockey Arsenal Covet is your stick. This is the stick for the hustler, the playmaker - this is the stick for YOU.  The Covet is built to balance performance, weight, and durability giving you the most versatile stick possible. 

The Covet won’t let you down so you don’t let your team down. Grab a Covet today and you’ll be sure to have your teammates’ cheering you on…and your opponents coveting that game winning goal.


Covet Player 1 1811.jpg

Arsenal Covet

Don’t let your team down. Take that shot and celly your game winning goal with them!