The Deadly Sin

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We managed to take home the VHL [Veterans Hockey League] championship and I owe the end of my season in large part to the Envy stick and the confidence it gave me!
— M. Ross, Chicago


Envy (n)

1.     The desire to possess an advantage or success held by someone else

2.     The object of such desire

3.     The Deadly Sin

Are you still hoping to make the NHL or play on your country’s Olympic team?  Do you need the lightest stick or the most current design?  Does your team or sponsor buy your sticks?

If not, then The Hockey Arsenal Envy is for you.  We appreciate that you want your hockey stick to look good and perform (goal!), but we also understand you want it to last more than a few skates, too.  The Envy is designed for performance and durability and we back them with a 45-day warranty.

A hockey stick that performs and is durable?  That is sure to make your teammates envy your decision to buy an Envy from The Hockey Arsenal.



Arsenal Envy

Netting That first goal is sure to make your teammates and your opponents green with Envy.