Arsenal Envy

Arsenal Envy


The Hockey Arsenal Envy is a carbon-fiber composite one-piece stick (OPS) hockey stick. The Envy is designed for experienced ice hockey players that demand a tough, durable, high performance hockey stick. The Hockey Arsenal Envy composite sticks are made for pick-up games, rec league hockey, intramural squads, and are right at home on any frozen pond or backyard rink.

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  • A92 curve - The Envy blade pattern matches today's most common curve pattern

  • The senior 75 and 85 flex 60" shaft has an optimized kick point for a fast puck release

  • Made for the Grinder - Designed for the experienced hockey player that demand a tough and durable stick. The Envy delivers using the optimum balance of composite materials to create a stick that provides performance and durability

  • Any Ice, Any Rink - Arsenal Envy sticks are perfect for pick-up hockey games in the neighborhood, competitive adult leagues, beer league hockey, intramural squads, and, of course, are right at home for any frozen pond hockey game

  • Quality - Built on the same production lines as many of the big brands using high performance carbon fiber composite manufacturing methods and quality testing -- and we guarantee our quality with a 45 day warranty

  • Stick Handling & Shooting - Feels great in the hands, with the right weight-balanced blade-to-shaft ratio, making our Envy stick ideal for forward or defensive hockey players